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Good Greens - Sustainability Efforts at Makena Golf Course

Natural resource stewardship comes in many forms at Makena. For our Golf Course Maintenance team, responsible nutrient, and water management practices are at the core of all efforts.

Innovative Water Re-Use Strategies & Controlled Release Fertilizer

In January 2014, after construction activities were completed on the North Golf Course, there was a dramatic change in the management of nitrogen fertilizer and water usage. Through innovative water re-use strategies and nutrient management, the North Golf Course uses approximately 50% less fertilizer than a traditional golf course. Since construction completion in 2014, fertilizer use on the golf course has decreased each year. This nitrogen reduction was achieved by swapping conventional rapid release synthetic nitrogen to a controlled release version. By controlling the release of nitrogen, the Golf Course Maintenance team ensures maximum uptake by the plant and prevent it from leaching into groundwater. This controlled release mechanism assists in creating a healthier plant by decreasing growth surges and overall reducing fertilizer use per acre.

Platinum TE Paspalum - Reducing Nitrogen and Water Demand Through Better Turf Selection

Nitrogen demand was also minimized through careful selection of appropriate turf for Makena's landscape and locale. The turf grass previously used Bermuda grass and it has since been replaced by Platinum TE Paspalum. The Platinum TE Paspalum requires approximately 50% less nitrogen and less water, thereby reducing overall water demand by approximately 20-30%.

Focus on the Future

Although the efforts taken since 2014 may not be measurable in the ocean for some time, Makena recognizes the importance of taking steps now that will benefit future generations. As a commitment to environmental sustainability, the Makena Team will commit to monitoring wells on the

property for nitrate, pH, chlorides, sodium and phosphates, all of which will help track the results of their efforts. Overall, the Makena Team has significantly reduced water demand and fertilizer use on the property and will continue to go above-and-beyond in the pursuit of sustainability.