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Mid 1800s -
Mid 1900s

Plantation & Paniolo

Makena of this period made way for the commercialization of mauka and makai regions, including the introduction of the sugar and cattle industries.

Mauka: On Land

Makena saw a commercialization of areaʻs natural resources. The land was used in large areas for agriculture and ranching. Plantation ranch style architecture and machinery were introduced.  

  • Makena become known as the ‘Potato District’ (1830 – 1854)

  • In the 1840s, Makena, which was only a small locality in Papaʻanui, is used to refer to the larger areas surrounding the landing

  • Sugar became the primary crop

  • Establishment of ranching and Hawaiian paniolo (cowboy) 

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Makai: By Sea

Local fishermen continued to provide food for their families from the rich ocean resources of Makena. The shoreline was altered to support mauka business interests. 

  • The Honuaʻula fishery was protected by Kingdom Law

  • Akule fishing persisted

  • Makena Landing became a focal point for Maui exports

  • Shuttles to Kahoʻolawe were operated