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Nana I Mua, Nana I Hope

Looking Back, Looking Forward

As the tides of time ebb and flow, we embark on the evolution of community life at Makena. We will honor the values, traditions and relationships that served as the foundation of those that came before us. We will connect the past to the future – weaving in the modern to ensure Makena’s sustainability remains a priority and supports the health and happiness of the place, its people and guests. Inspired by the past, we look forward to a vibrant community that will benefit not only those who visit Makena, but all of Maui.

Makena Together

Working together towards Makena's sustainable future

Makena has served as a focal point of South Maui for generations. From early pre-contact settlements, to the economic 'boom' times of the plantation and paniolo eras, to the growth of tourism following World War II, Makena and the surrounding lands of Honua'ula have provided a hardy leeward landscape that has sustained resilient Makena families for generations. Built on timeless Hawaiian practices of living in balance with the natural surroundings, we continue to celebrate the deep connection these families have to Makena and join them in taking responsibility to care for this precious land and ocean. 

Today with new ownership, Discovery Land Company is collaborating with ancestral descendants, cultural advisors, long time neighbors, and experienced and thoughtful professionals. We are working together to encourage an evolution that respectfully acknowledges the past and looks to steward these lands for future generations. Our core philosophy is to enhance the natural character and to honor the cultural heritage of Makena, to celebrate a unique sense of place that is inspired by the innate spirit of the land --weaving past, present and future. Within this environment, we look forward to setting a space that allows families to continue to make memories that last lifetimes. 


Makena's Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

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Nana I Mua

Looking Back

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Nana I Hope

Looking Forward

E Lauhoe Mai Na Wa'a, I Ke Ka, I Ka Hoe, I Ka Hoe, I Ke Ka, Pae Aku I Ka Aina

-Pukui 44

Everyone paddle the canoes together; bail and paddle, paddle and bail, and the shore is reached. Pitch in with a will, everybody, and the work is quickly done.

Diacritical Markings

Discovery Land Company and the Makena Golf & Beach Club recognize the importance of using diacritical markings of the (modern) Hawaiian language, including the ʻokina [ʻ] or glottal stop and the kahakō [ō] or macron (e.g., in place names of Hawaiʻi such as Mākena). However, these diacritical markings have been omitted throughout the website to ensure the best online experience for our visitors.  We recognize the importance of using these markings to preserve the language and culture of Hawaiʻi and respectfully use them in many communications beyond this online platform. [Adopted from]